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Individual Services

We prepare individual tax returns covering a broad range of industries and situations. Our clients range from employees, students, pensioners, Professionals and investors .At Success tax Professionals we work hard to deliver the best possible result for our clients and provide a personal service that is accurate, proactive and timely. We offer a same day service for individuals; depending on its complexity .We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable and will explain the complicated tax laws in a manner that is easily understood.

 Salary and Wages Tax Returns Wages Tax Ret                                                               

  • Individual Tax Return preparation & lodgement                               
  • Centrelink and Government Payments
  • Employee share schemes
  • Foreign income
  • Salary scarifies
  • Early Tax Return lodgement-If necessary
  • Previous years Tax Return
  • Review of Prior Tax returns
  • Amendment of Tax Return

 Investors Tax Return     

  • Rental Properties schedule
  • Negative Gearing
  • Land Tax
  • Capital gain tax
  • Shares, Managed Funds & Trust Distribution
  • Dividend & Interest Income
  • Advanced Tax Planning

 Rental Property Service

At Success Tax Professional Rental Properties are our specialties.
We ask our clients all the relevant questions and make sure they claim every deduction they can. We also recommend you download and read the ATO publication Rental Properties (Click here). It outlines common situations and mistakes that can occur with a rental property.

 Negative Gearing

A rental property is negatively geared if it is purchased with the assistance of borrowed funds and the net rental income, after deducting other expenses, is less than the interest on the borrowings.
The overall taxation result of a negatively geared property is that a net rental loss arises. In this case, you may be able to claim a deduction for the full amount of rental expenses against your rental and other income (such as salary, wages or business income) when you complete your tax return for the relevant income year. Where the other income is not sufficient to absorb the loss it is carried forward to the next tax year.
If by negatively gearing a rental property, the rental expenses you claim in your tax return would result in a tax refund, you may reduce your rate of withholding to better match your year-end tax liability.


You can deduct an amount equal to the decline in value for an income year of a depreciating asset that you held for any time during the year. However, your deduction is reduced to the extent your use of the asset is for other than a taxable purpose. If you own a rental property, the taxable purpose will generally be for the purpose of producing assessable income.
Some items found in a rental property are regarded as part of the setting for the rent-producing activity and are not treated as separate assets in their own right. However, a capital works deduction may be allowed for some of these items.

Rental Property Documentation Checklist
Rental Property Statement

 Tax Planning:

It is important to consider the structure of your personal or business tax affairs in order to reduce the impact of taxation on your income or profits.

Success Tax Professionals accountants provide pro-active tax solutions that are aligned with their client requirements but above all assist and complement strategies that achieve business and personal objectives.
Success Tax Professionals work closely with their clients to understand their short and long term objectives, accommodating the flexibility they require for changing circumstances.

With tax regulations becoming ever more complex and with more responsibility being placed on taxpayers’, everyone who is subject to taxation needs professional tax advice and support if they are to optimise their tax position and ensure they meet all the compliance requirements.